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It’s the Journey – Topic for Week#24: (Journey / Travel / Trip)

I want to travel and go some places
Establish friendship and collect mem’ries
Learn a lot of things and meet new faces
A union living in peace for countries

I am at the intersection of life
A crossroad of decisions and notions
I wish for something without grief and strife
A voyage full of happy explosions
They say that it’s not the destination
But the journey of a life that’s well-lived
It’s a never-ending exploration
Hatred and animosity are sievedI know that it’s not a hard thing to do
It should just start somewhere from me to you

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Fashion Illustration 4.0

Here’s my version of the kimono.

A contemporary take on the Japanese clothing.

The highlight of the garment is the obi tied in a sophisticated bow at the back.

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Magtulungan Tayo – Topic for Week#23: (Bayanihan)

Ang lahat ay susuungin natin
Kahit anong unos ang dumating
Ang magkaisa sa adhikain
Ito ang nais kong iparating

Ang kawang-gawa para sa bayan
Nagdudulot ng tuwa at saya
Sa kahit anong pamamaraan
Ang pagbibigay tulong sa iba

Ang tanging nais ay maging buo
Ano man’g kulay, ano man’g lahi
At ang pakikipagkapwa-tao
Bayanihang walang pinipili

Nag-iisa lang ang ating mundo
Magsimula sa’kin, sa’yo, tayo


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Inspired by the intricate folds of a fan,  the rhythmic design is made of leather that provides comfort and the legs in stained wood finish.

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Fashion Illustration 3.0

  I had a cupcake as an inspiration for the design.

An open neckline and a full skirt with ruffles that flow like chocolate sauce.

I’m planning to create version 3.1 and have it colored in soft, powdery pastel palettes just like its sweet duchess.

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Fashion Illustration 2.0

The belt and the neck part are inspired by tribal / aztec designs. It flows with feather details at the bottom.

p.s. still working on how to draw figures.  🙂


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For Your own Amusement – Topic for Week#22: (Carnivals / Theme Parks)

Looking further at a child’s innocence

A visit to theme parks and carnivals

The gate greets you with its magnificence

This gaiety brings smiles like festivals


Enter the horror booth of fantasy

Let things be and take them all in a stride

Then satisfy my sweet tooth with candy

I wanna go for some amusement ride


Come take me to the giant ferris wheel

The funny clown and the magician’s wand

The rollercoaster that is made of steel

This is my place and this is my play land


I always yearn and long for the moment

No one ever denies such enjoyment




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These Flowers

Gaze at these flowers

I offer them all to you

Know that I love you

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Fashion Illustration 1.0

    Here’s an attempt to create an illustration. I wish I could sew professionally so as to dress up my muses.

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No Way To Go But Up


     In a world full of pain

     Tomorrow holds a new day

     If you’ve been put down

     There are many reasons to say

     “I can do everything…

     whatever comes my way”

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