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Uncle Sam’s Fate: Topic for Week# 35: US Elections / Republican / Democrat

We are looking for someone to lead us
A person who shares the same ideals
With a vision to carry is a plus
With hopes in advancement for the casuals

Tackling ev’ry issue with a debate
A meeting of the minds for the nation
That will help determine Uncle Sam’s fate
The turn of events in the election

So be Republican or Democrat
It’s conservative versus liberal
A sojourn with each John Doe’s caveat
Here’s to levies and laws strong upheaval

Conceding with dignity, they report
Along with the promise of full support

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Eternal Sleep or a Spring of Breath – Topic for Week# 34: Death

I tend to cry for topics such as this

We get the same fate sooner or later

I just don’t want to lose people I’ll miss

Guts, will and strength I have then to muster


Death, it comes to us unexpectedly

So cherish all the ones you love and care

Accepting flaws and all wholeheartedly

Quality time and attention to share


It is the natural cycle of birth

To learn, grow-up and give way to new blood

Relinquishing our purpose here on earth

From dust and yes we will return to mud


What we have to do is live the present

This should be our unwavering statement




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Peter Pan

Let me tell you a story

‘bout a boy who never grows old

A tale as old as knights and Holy Grail

With versions in different tongues

It stretches from far away lands,

o’er the mountains, across the shore

Take heed as we follow him in his adventures

Fairies and pixie dust

Treasures, jewels and emblem crusts

Chase away dreams in Neverland

Looking in his eyes with infinite wonder

His heart of gold waiting to unfold

A grotesque way but I’m falling / flying

Escape the everyday

Blurred visions and words coming into play

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To (Be) Inspire(d) – Topic for Week# 33: Inspire / Inspiration

Whenever I encounter writer’s block

I’d immerse myself in this happy world

Rather than watch the time flies at my clock

A kaleidoscope that is turned and swirled


I take inspiration in things I see

Be motivated by people I know

To whatever, whoever I might be

Everything is not for a circus show


Inspiration comes in the form of goals

Or situations that stir emotions

Or views and thoughts that flow from kindred souls

Anything that calls and commands actions


So if you will ask, “What do you aspire?”

I long to be inspired and to inspire








photo from: uniquelifeguide_com


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Fan Fiction – Topic for Week#32: Magic

If life is full of magic and potions

Will it create a world full of mystique?

The use of sparks, fireworks and explosions

Orcs, elves and fairies of diff’rent physique


Will you depend your life on magic cards?

Or see the future on a crystal ball?

Some old tricks made by witches and wizards

Enchanted forest where trees are so tall


Are these things happening all in my head?

Curious explorations made by the mind

Stories of fiction while I lie on bed

Works of wonder in troves that you will find


Real or not, sometimes it’s good to believe

But in the present is where we should live

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Like Water – Topic for Week#31: Water

Water cools you down

From the heat and dry weather

It refreshes you


Take the water spring

It gives  life and nourishment

Vitality sings

Its fluidity

Capable of taking form

Whatever shape, size


Live and co-exist

With diff’rent people around

Dealing with others


Off to the distant

Sailing away to nowhere

Where I stay afloat


It’s an element

A spring that breaks this dry land

It quenches one’s thirst


Still waters run deep

Please let me know what you think

A glimpse in your mind


Water flows the earth

A resource that’s getting scarce

Not unless we learn




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Basketball – Topic for Week#30: UAAP / School Pride


Life is a game of basketball
It makes you play in offense and defense
You win everything or nothing at all
When situations call for common sense

Enough with the metaphorical theme
And live reality in quick reset
The cheers you are rooting for the dream team
Some grand expectations that should be met

The goal is to forfeit the five-peat drive
A battle between eagles and tigers
And never fall prey to take plunge and dive
A big and loud roar from all the members

Whichever team emerges as champions
Salute for rising over the legions

topic contributed by Alfred Reyes
photo from wikipedia
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I’m Falling -Topic for Week#29: Autumn / Fall

Like the leaves of the autumn season fall
I am trying to search for some meaning
As I stare deep into your naked soul
I’ll be able to see through this feeling

By confessing my love with only you
Are you going to be there to catch me?
You must know that what I do feel is true
I guess loving you isn’t that easy

When the last leaf fades in the horizon
Extinguishing all effort and all hope
Accuse me then for a crime of treason
Cutting positivity in this rope
With the green color of hope that’s waiting
Seasons change, so do love that is freeing
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Let Us Be One – Topic for Week#28: Peace-War

We are unique in our own little ways
Accept the fact that we are all diff’rent
Here’s to tranquility that lasts and stays
Coarse disparity has long been ancient

But in the track of everyday events
That initiate some misunderstanding
An impression that each of us laments
Bridge the gap: race, belief notwithstanding

Dig deeper in your heart what you desire
Bullets and weapons of mass destruction
Issues tackled in shadowing satire
A grain of salt in hope of creation

In this era, now is the time to heal
Wake up! Let us be one! It’s something real

► John Lennon – Imagine; Happy Christmas (War is Over)

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All Time Favorites – Topic for Week#26: Books / What is your favorite book?

My favorite tale

Of a damsel in distress

Waiting for her prince


Dungeons and dragons

Good triumphs over evil

Fairy tales we know


The Twilight Saga

Tells of a forbidden love

But it conquers all


Or The Little Prince

The eye cannot see what is

essential to us


Fifty Shades of Grey

In a world of lust and love

I have yet to read


Or Marley’s story

A recount of the author’s

moments with the dog


Of psalms and praises

A wide collection of words

My inspiration


Whatever story

As long as we can relate

Speaks straight to the heart

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Posted by on September 10, 2012 in poetry