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Fashion Illustration 6.0

fashion illustration 4


The concept of the design is structured meets drape.

The ribbon buckled at the front goes around at the back which gives a structured feel to an off-shoulder, sleeveless dress.

This is a one-piece garment where the hemline falls just above the knee. The draped fabric gives a soft touch reminiscent of ancient goddesses.

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Just hold on to F A I TH …






I think this rosary ring was given to me by Papa..

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Pay It Forward: Topic for Week #36: Thanksgiving

Give thanks for the gifts and things we receive

It’s not how big or small the gesture is

But on the essence that we truly give

An acknowledgment that we should not miss


Give thanks for another beautiful day

For the time that we are going to spend

Or the sunset to marvel at the bay

For work and for play that we mix and blend


Give thanks for the people we meet and greet

From what we’ve learned from them – insights and views

We encounter like a kindred spirit

Thankful for the options we get to choose


If we are to return the good favor

Pay it forward and do it with fervor


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Boredom Kills / Kill Boredom – Topic for Week#27: Boredom

Boredom sparks the curiosity in me
The things and places in books that I read
In all mountains and rivers that I see
It fuels my mind, something that I need

Sometimes I would let the time pass me by
My mind takes me to a far-away land
Dreams and thoughts that reach the bright blue sky
They become realities that are grand

I’d sit on a bench and wait at nothing
How am I going to make it happen?
I better start now and create something
Let lifeless ideas do awaken

A thief that robs my creativity
Something that stops my productivity

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Books, books and more books

Summer Reading Flowchart

Via and USC Rossier Online


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Torn Between Two Loves (7-Nov-2011)


..That is between my love for numbers and my love for the arts. I wrote this in my journal two months ago and I think now is the right time to share it.

Here is the deal: Would you choose something so familiar over something that is completely unknown to you? Flashback in middle school when they conducted career development workshops and passed around modules on the different courses you could take in college. Would you believe I included Computer Engineering and Political Science in my list? I ended up taking Business instead ’cause I thought it was the surest and safest way to go.

Business entails a lot of Math. And yes, I like the subject very much. No pun intended. Let us not complicate things here though. If I ask myself “1 + 1” or if I ask you or a stranger the same question, we end up with the same answer. Easy, isn’t it? We only need to follow the formula. There is a clear-cut guideline on what we have to do like categorizing assets from liabilities, revenue from expense. There is a way to know whether we’re doing it right or not and our performance is measured whether we adhere to the principles.

However, being an artist (whatever your medium is – music, film, photography, fashion, architecture, etc…), takes depth and creativity. One is not bound by anything. No rules. No restrictions. But my apologies when the coward in me takes over. It’s the fear of acceptance. It’s that part of myself that seeks approval..and..validation. How many times did I let the voice say it’s going to be irrelevant and meaningless?  How many times did I let people trample on my feelings by saying that I couldn’t. I guess, I just affirmed their remarks and made them victorious had I not tried.

Now the question, am I ready to take the big leap? Well, all I know is that I’m taking steps to pave way to the path where I should be.



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Completely Surreal (29-Aug-2011)

When photos convey more meaning than words.

Thanks to Ely, Fully Booked and JB Music for the opportunity.

It was a surreal experience.


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Barbie Basics: All Glammed Up (29-Jan-2011)

The Barbie Basics is a line of collector’s edition Barbie dolls.

They were created by Mattel designer Bill Greening and were introduced in late 2009 to be officially released in the spring of 2010.

From their name, the dolls are dressed in “basic” clothing that women usually have in their closets.

The debut collection featured the most well-known fashion staple: the little black dress.

The dolls also have differing head molds, skin tones and ethnicities and are part of the Black Label collection.

The Barbie Basics was the first doll line (and retail product) to bear the logo of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) on their boxes.”  (

Looking at these dolls inspires me and gets me pumped up in designing clothes.

Now, we have more options to choose from.


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In Love – Part 2 (18-Dec-2010)

And the love bug bit me again.

1. Midnight Blue – Electric Light Orchestra
2. Someone – The Rembrandts
3. Love Always Finds a Way – Peabo Bryson
4. These Dreams – Heart
5. Woman – John Lennon
6. I Live for Your Love – Natalie Cole
7. (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
8. Heart of Mine – Boz Scaggs
9. Zoom – Fat Larry’s Band
10. I Love You More Today than Yesterday – Goldfinger
11. I’ll Remember – Madonna
12. I Love You – Martina McBride
13. Forevermore – Paul Bennett
14. The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get – Morrissey
15. Sleeps with Butterflies – Tori Amos
16. Upside Down – Two Minds Crack
17. I Need You Now – Firehouse
18. We’ve Only Just Begun – The Carpenters
19. The Next Time I Fall – Peter Cetera & Amy Grant
20. I Love You – Climax Blues Band
21. I Can’t Tell You Why – Eagles
22. Love – Jim Photoglo
23. Shower Me with Your Love – Surface
24. Swept Away – Christopher Cross
25. Julia Says – Wet Wet Wet
26. You’re in Love – Wilson Phillips
27. Friday I’m in Love – The Cure
28. Eternal Flame – The Bangles
29. Your House – Alanis Morissette
30. My Immortal – Evanescence
31. Count on You – Tommy Shaw
32. All My Life – America
33. Can’t Cry Hard Enough – The Williams Brothers
34. One on One – Hall & Oates
35. Believe it or Not – Joey Scarbury
36. Is This Love – Survivor
37. First Love – Seals & Crofts
38. Oh My Love – John Lennon
39. Speechless – City Boy
40. I’ll Be Your Everything – Tommy Page

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What’s in a Name? (11-May-2010)

This one’s inscribed by Ghe  =D

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