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Just hold on to F A I TH …






I think this rosary ring was given to me by Papa..

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Pay It Forward: Topic for Week #36: Thanksgiving

Give thanks for the gifts and things we receive

It’s not how big or small the gesture is

But on the essence that we truly give

An acknowledgment that we should not miss


Give thanks for another beautiful day

For the time that we are going to spend

Or the sunset to marvel at the bay

For work and for play that we mix and blend


Give thanks for the people we meet and greet

From what we’ve learned from them – insights and views

We encounter like a kindred spirit

Thankful for the options we get to choose


If we are to return the good favor

Pay it forward and do it with fervor


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Uncle Sam’s Fate: Topic for Week# 35: US Elections / Republican / Democrat

We are looking for someone to lead us
A person who shares the same ideals
With a vision to carry is a plus
With hopes in advancement for the casuals

Tackling ev’ry issue with a debate
A meeting of the minds for the nation
That will help determine Uncle Sam’s fate
The turn of events in the election

So be Republican or Democrat
It’s conservative versus liberal
A sojourn with each John Doe’s caveat
Here’s to levies and laws strong upheaval

Conceding with dignity, they report
Along with the promise of full support

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Braid: A Furniture Sketch

I made the sketch below…

which was inspired by my jelly flats…

I’m thinking of indigenous materials like rattan, abaca and the like for the actual piece.


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Eternal Sleep or a Spring of Breath – Topic for Week# 34: Death

I tend to cry for topics such as this

We get the same fate sooner or later

I just don’t want to lose people I’ll miss

Guts, will and strength I have then to muster


Death, it comes to us unexpectedly

So cherish all the ones you love and care

Accepting flaws and all wholeheartedly

Quality time and attention to share


It is the natural cycle of birth

To learn, grow-up and give way to new blood

Relinquishing our purpose here on earth

From dust and yes we will return to mud


What we have to do is live the present

This should be our unwavering statement




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Peter Pan

Let me tell you a story

‘bout a boy who never grows old

A tale as old as knights and Holy Grail

With versions in different tongues

It stretches from far away lands,

o’er the mountains, across the shore

Take heed as we follow him in his adventures

Fairies and pixie dust

Treasures, jewels and emblem crusts

Chase away dreams in Neverland

Looking in his eyes with infinite wonder

His heart of gold waiting to unfold

A grotesque way but I’m falling / flying

Escape the everyday

Blurred visions and words coming into play

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