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Let Us Be One – Topic for Week#28: Peace-War

We are unique in our own little ways
Accept the fact that we are all diff’rent
Here’s to tranquility that lasts and stays
Coarse disparity has long been ancient

But in the track of everyday events
That initiate some misunderstanding
An impression that each of us laments
Bridge the gap: race, belief notwithstanding

Dig deeper in your heart what you desire
Bullets and weapons of mass destruction
Issues tackled in shadowing satire
A grain of salt in hope of creation

In this era, now is the time to heal
Wake up! Let us be one! It’s something real

► John Lennon – Imagine; Happy Christmas (War is Over)

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Boredom Kills / Kill Boredom – Topic for Week#27: Boredom

Boredom sparks the curiosity in me
The things and places in books that I read
In all mountains and rivers that I see
It fuels my mind, something that I need

Sometimes I would let the time pass me by
My mind takes me to a far-away land
Dreams and thoughts that reach the bright blue sky
They become realities that are grand

I’d sit on a bench and wait at nothing
How am I going to make it happen?
I better start now and create something
Let lifeless ideas do awaken

A thief that robs my creativity
Something that stops my productivity

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All Time Favorites – Topic for Week#26: Books / What is your favorite book?

My favorite tale

Of a damsel in distress

Waiting for her prince


Dungeons and dragons

Good triumphs over evil

Fairy tales we know


The Twilight Saga

Tells of a forbidden love

But it conquers all


Or The Little Prince

The eye cannot see what is

essential to us


Fifty Shades of Grey

In a world of lust and love

I have yet to read


Or Marley’s story

A recount of the author’s

moments with the dog


Of psalms and praises

A wide collection of words

My inspiration


Whatever story

As long as we can relate

Speaks straight to the heart

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Everyday Heroes – Topic for Week#25: (Who is Your Hero?)

I’ve quite a number of super heroes

Listen and I will tell you one by one

I look up to math and all its bureaus

Numbers and anything under the sun

I do admire the prolific artist

Who creates words and songs, it is music

A beautiful soundtrack on my playlist

A love for anything futuristic

Or the author who writes sci-fi stories

and relationships and sweet baby love

Or the designer who sews cute doilies

Sketches and draws illustrations in mauve

The good samaritans we encounter

Unsung heroes we always remember

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