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Like Water – Topic for Week#31: Water

Water cools you down

From the heat and dry weather

It refreshes you


Take the water spring

It gives  life and nourishment

Vitality sings

Its fluidity

Capable of taking form

Whatever shape, size


Live and co-exist

With diff’rent people around

Dealing with others


Off to the distant

Sailing away to nowhere

Where I stay afloat


It’s an element

A spring that breaks this dry land

It quenches one’s thirst


Still waters run deep

Please let me know what you think

A glimpse in your mind


Water flows the earth

A resource that’s getting scarce

Not unless we learn




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All Time Favorites – Topic for Week#26: Books / What is your favorite book?

My favorite tale

Of a damsel in distress

Waiting for her prince


Dungeons and dragons

Good triumphs over evil

Fairy tales we know


The Twilight Saga

Tells of a forbidden love

But it conquers all


Or The Little Prince

The eye cannot see what is

essential to us


Fifty Shades of Grey

In a world of lust and love

I have yet to read


Or Marley’s story

A recount of the author’s

moments with the dog


Of psalms and praises

A wide collection of words

My inspiration


Whatever story

As long as we can relate

Speaks straight to the heart

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Olympic Games – Topic for Week#21: (London Olympics) 4-Aug-12

Five Olympic rings
Represent every nation
In competition

The Olympic flame
A symbol to remind us
We are all the same

It’s unifying
People all over the world
-A common purpose

Our eyes fixated
On the goals and tasks at hand
We participate

As a spectator
You hope for your own country
Towards victory

Support the athletes
Partaking in the events
Going for the gold

The push to do everything
Reaching for the aim

Either win or lose
It teaches us sportsmanship
Strength and leadership

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Dreams – Topic for Week# 20: (Open) 22-July-12

What’s reality?

Something we have imagined
In our consciousness

Writings on my wall
They’re indecipherable
So cryptic and all

Rain on this dry land
Empty and devoid of soul
Left barren and cold

Light this path so bleak
Calm the feeling of retreat
Fuel this spirit

Fly high my sparrow
Through paths though may be narrow
Dreams, they do come true

Reverb the opus
Works like magic in your hands
That lovely lotus

Paint me some pictures
Tell me what your eyes can see
The beauty in me

The laws of order
All are coming together
Must go forth yonder


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Racing Against Time – Topic for Week# 19: (Time) 15-July-12

As star-crossed lovers
Give me a li’l of your time
Just to hear me out

I have been waiting
For the right moment to come
To say this aloud

I love you my dear
This heart beats only for you
Can’t you see and hear?

A time to cherish
Looking at the distant past
But learning from it

A time for living
Breathe and savor the present
Being in the now

A time for sunset
The skyline getting all blurred
A life that’s well-lived

Time has prepared me
To be a stronger person
To become better

Like the grains of sand
We are racing against time
Make the most of it

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Birthday Bonanza – Topic for Week# 18: (Birthday/s) 9-July-12

You’re a year older
A new leaf has turned over
In your book of life

Knowing that life is
a fast roller-coaster ride
An endless journey

Birthdays and balloons
Pastries and sweet surprises
Cakes and macaroons

Bring in some good cheer
Greetings though late are special
Bridge the gap that’s here

You wish for good health
Take care of your well-being
Knowing it’s your wealth

You wish for knowledge
A never-ending process
to learn something new

Hoping all wishes
Peace, happiness, achievement
Would all then come true

Love and contentment
All things life has to offer
Everything for you


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Childhood Fervor – Week#17 (Tenacity) 3-July-12

The ability
to get up after trials
We tend to move on

Being persistent
To pursue our goals and dreams
The push to achieve

Strength of character
To take failure as challenge
And see through critique

Unwavering hope
that all things will come our way
By putting hardwork

Use adversity
And be able to see light

I will never stop
to do the things that i love
Embrace them fully

It won’t fade away
The spark of childhood fervor
The fire that’s burning

Yesterday has passed
Tomorrow gives a promise
of a bright, new day

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Fathers – Week#15 (Father’s Day) 15-June-12

Come and take a look
At the roles a father plays
Hear what I’m to say

At first he’s a son
Takes responsibility
For what he has done

Then he’s a husband
Loving, caring and faithful
To his gracious wife

Then a good father
Who puts your interests first
A pillar of strength

He brightens our day
Takes the sadness in our way
A source of gladness

He motivates us
He puts us in high spirits
Whenever we’re down

Let us wish them well
That they are able to do
All at the same time

Happy Father’s Day
To all the great dads out there
Outpouring with joy


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What’s on the Boob Tube? – Week#14 (Television) 10-June-12

What’s on the boob tube?
I need to be entertained
Switching the channels

First comes the headlines
News about war and hunger
that go forever

A movie instead
I was glued for a moment
So much to comment

I’ve come across vids
Of artists and performers
That left me in awe

Reality shows
Exhibit (mis)adventures
Are they real somehow?

I pressed the remote
Then a taste of history

Well, what is cooking?
More than food for the stomach
I need food for thought

Be wary at times
As things are not what they seem
Fact or fallacy

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School Jitters – Topic for Week# 13: (Back to School) 4-June-12

First day school jitters
not knowing what to expect
New environment

New classmates, new friends
Learning while having some fun
Classrooms and playgrounds

It is the knowledge
Imparting some of your own
Views and opinion

Walk your way along
The busy and noisy halls
Sharing smiles and nods

Reading and writing
Build values and character
Nurture your person

Writing A-B-C’s
The school as my second home
Counting 1-2-3′

Getting experience
It should not be limiting
Think outside the box

Books and paragraphs
A continuous process
Feed curiosity

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