Random Ramblings #30

10 Aug
  • You Again is a chick flick / rom-com alright. But it depicts a tale about second chances – not of hypocrisy but out of sincere intentions to do good.
  • James Cameron on Titanic: “Because she is and will remain a metaphor. There was the first class, second class, third class and the crew. So you have the rich and mighty, the middle class, the lower class and, let’s say, the government. And the government is influenced by the wealthy.. And they are driving this ship way too fast, quite deliberately playing with the lives and the future of the other people. And when they see the iceberg, it’s too late. That’s how it is with climate change.”
  • Believe in your work/craft.
  • glockenspiel…
  • Now Playing: Jars of Clay
  • In a relationship with music
  • Melikes Newsweek’s The Beatles Issue (2012)
  • I also wanna grab a copy of Discovery Channel Magazine’s Sweet Sound
  • The John Lennon Songwriting contest closes on June 16, 2012
  • music + photography = ♥
  • ► Trip – Rivermaya
  • Working on a garment-you either have a sketch & then buy fabric or you already have the fabric and then come up with an interesting design :: Writing a song-you either start with the lyrics then melody or vice versa. Okay…
  • As G said: You lose nothing when you share something… Be it talent, art, music, insight… or volunteer work..
  • Unlearn to learn
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