Random Ramblings #27

10 Aug
  • I’m clueless…
  • I’m between being disheartened and being inspired when I listen/look at the works of other artists..
  • Okie. I choose the latter
  • Oh December! You’re here again.
  • ►Fruitcake (album) – Ǝraserheads
  • Shooting Day. I met Ghe’s officemates. They’re so talented, supportive and very down-to-earth.
  • 2012: I’m gonna exercise my right side of the brain more often.
  • How Hard Can it Be? Flying House
  • Then: The world’s a wheel. Sometimes you’re up.. Sometimes you’re down. Now. The world’s a wheel. We are at points that share the same distance from the center.
  • I wanna be you for a day
  • Any book recommendations?
  • I still want a career where the outcome’s tangible.. Something that can be heard/seen: doing window displays, writing compositions, directing films & commercials, plating a dish, designing a shampoo or perfume bottle, etc…
  • ► With a Smile (Eraserheads) “It’s a wonder love can make the world go round…Now it’s time to kiss away those tears goodbye” Forgive me.. It’s February
  • 2012: I’ll listen to different music genres
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