Random Ramblings #25

10 Aug
  • I’d like to change the world one clothing at a time
  • I want to but I can’t…
  • Sunday conversations with grandpop: live life with the 3S – strength, stamina & spirit; help for help, assistance for assistance & service for service
  • I tried.. but they remained words. They didn’t come to life…
  • ► LSS – Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People)
  • ‘Cause we’re different…
  • Snob not. Forgive me, it’s just my impaired vision.
  • I ♥ “Within Concept Stores” and “Within Modern Offices”
  • I am moved by the word “design”
  • Watching Cinema One: indie vs. mainstream (Indie, Mainstream ,Paano ka Ginawa?)
  • ► Your Soul’s a Jet = Child/ren of the Pilgrimage
  • BE happy
  • “How can I forget..when there is always something to remind me”
  • Thanks to the loooong weekend. I have time to read “The Media Kit” and “Trip to Quiapo”
  • “A film cannot be merited to just one person. One cannot possibly do all the work. Film is a union of creative talents” – Rory Quintos
  • Switcheroo. “How Steve Jobs Changed the World” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”
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