Random Ramblings# 20

10 Aug
  • A talented A.I. 10 batch
  • I have this weird habit of counting the steps when going up or down the stairs
  • Happy Birthday Ghe.. It’s not about getting older but getting bolder and wiser
  • Everyone deserves a chance.
  • We are interrelated. Prayers…
  • The human spirit that can never be extinguished…
  • I’m lovin’ the socks + heels trend
  • Learn to appreciate time. Spend hours with people who matter most to you
  • Starstruck mode. It was as if the world stopped
  • I have a love-hate relationship with my hair…
  • The world is never without haters. Just pray for them.
  • Never wish hurt or pain on anyone.
  • Put things in perspective.
  • Too cloudy. I didn’t get to see the supermoon…
  • They say that a person can’t have everything.. I do. ‘Cause I have YOU.
  • ► The Camerawalls – Clinically Dead for Sixteen Hours; Markers of Beautiful Memories; Sight of Love
  • Emo-ness..
  • The world in stupor.
  • I ♥ the androgynous look
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