Random Ramblings #15

10 Aug
  • Let’s make wonderful moments / memories together.
  • The sun never fails to get me mesmerized every time
  • Bipolar. My life is a montage of failure & success; of ups and downs.
  • When I was still a kid, the family used to frequent COD for their Christmas presentation.
  • I draw strength from you.
  • The group dance was the longest one minute of my life. Good thing ’twas over
  • Having an opinion or the lack of it makes me wonder.
  • Watching “Marley & Me”. A whirlwind of emotions again
  • Press ►► to 12/25/10 and 1/1/11
  • The first time I met you was the day that changed my life forever.
  • You are fun and wit personified.
  • Holiday hoopla. With all the ruckus going on, let’s not forget the real meaning of Christmas.
  • Remembering Lennon – music extraordinaire.
  • When something is so good, you don’t want it to stop. You just want to be in that moment.
  • Listening to Example’s Kickstarts
  • If we already have everything we want.. What’s there to work hard for? What’s there to hope for?
  • Munching on marshmallows.. Makes me feel good.
  • Countdown: 12 days before Christmas.
  • Songs & poems are the words & thoughts we cannot say out loud.
  • Reminder: You can’t please everyone and it’s delusional to even try to.
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