Random Ramblings #13

10 Aug
  • Realize & carry out your dreams/goals without stepping on others’ feelings & trampling your values.
  • Whenever I see a drum kit, I feel like it’s calling me
  • Alone with my thoughts and a piece of paper staring back at me…
  • Lord, thank you for reminding us of Your presence.
  • ► Incubus, Third Eye Blind, Nirvana, Linkin Park
  • Need to get my caffeine fix now
  • Must sustain this momentum…
  • I gotta keep up with the pace.
  • I tend to overanalyze things..
  • A cup of hazelnut to get me through the rest of the day.
  • A lot of tasks at hand. I don’t know which to start…
  • Anything but ordinary…
  • K On! is giving away a Gib­son Les Paul Stu­dio
  • I have to satisfy this sweet tooth.
  • I’m lovin’ the new Nestea “Ok” commercial. I’m stuck with the words: kindred spirits;to the left, to the left; but that’s another issue; SMP.. Hehe.
  • The weather is good for a nap *yawn..snore*
  • And it’s mid-November already.
  • Laugh trip. Bolt on Disney Channel
  • Excited much. Gonna watch HP this Saturday.
  • I can smell Friday already. It’s like the week has been non-existent. I didn’t feel it pass by
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