Taking Things One at a Time (7-Sep-2009)

09 Aug

Three more subjects to go. Family and some of my friends are pressuring me to finish when it’s my choice (2005) to begin with anyway. I have put off the last two semesters drawing excuses I could ever come up with. Schedules could not fit in my busy life. It’s not part of the budget anymore when several years ago I said that this should be one of my priorities. Or am I just scared to see what will happen next?

First day jitters. I miss the feeling of running to class about an hour late or coming in early only to realize that I am in a different room. I feel the need to check my list from time to time. I miss coffee at midnight and fighting sleep to read tons of papers, books, notes, reviewers. I miss getting butterflies in my stomach when exams start. Inane. Nothing gets in my head when I know I studied the night before. I just stare blankly at the board then to my paper then to my classmates who are struggling the way I am then to my paper,which I am coping to answer. And when results come in, you know it’s worth it – stress, pain, sleep deprivation. Blood, sweat and tears so to speak. Everything is worth it.

Fourteen subjects done, three more to go. What’s taking me so long? Thinking that what I want seems so close yet so far, I have to remind myself that I need to get things done.

Note to self: Don’t rush now. Take things slowly.

P.S. Neni, na sa ‘kin pa yung libro mo. Sabihan mo lang ako ‘pag kailangan mo na ha. Salamat  =)

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