Random Ramblings #9

09 Aug
  • I value and appreciate the people in my life.
  • With you every step of the way…
  • Go green.
  • Some things are only visible with faith.
  • Be the voice when no one dares to speak.
  • I’m grateful for friends who give good advice.
  • Life is more meaningful if it is lived for the people we love.
  • In love with what the heart sees.
  • I want a puppy..
  • Dogs have peculiar ways of endearing themselves to me.
  • Okay, okay. I admit.. I’m a puppyrazzi..
  • Leaving is bittersweet. Good luck Rizza. You’ll be missed.
  • Life is lived forward. No one and nothing can break our spirit.
  • And it’s already Maid Sama’s last episode.. Season 2! Season 2!
  • Pork chop :: Sweet chop
  • Thank you. Your words and actions keep me assured.
  • Sunday’s Best/Sunday Rewind. I’m tuned in to FM radio and the songs bring me back to yesteryears.
  • Bloomfields on Jam 88.3 😀
  • Google’s 12th..
  • Watching Amazing Race excites me much
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