Random Ramblings #8

09 Aug
  • Colors. Fabrics. Prints. Icons. What’s on your mood board?
  • My heart beats triple time whenever I see a “Sale” sign
  • Now playing: David Archuleta’s Touch My Hand (and it’s on repeat)
  • Since we’re here, let’s make it worthwhile.
  • Back to the days of Mario 3, Popeye, Battle City, Contra, Twin Bee, Legend of Kage, Galaga, Adventure Island, Bomberman, TMNT, Circus Charlie, Rainbow Islands.. Waah, nostalgia…
  • What an intense game between FEU and DLSU!
  • An eargasm with Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition.
  • You had me the moment you made that smile…
  • To get inspiration in anything and everything.
  • Yes, it did make me forget the world.
  • Placebo effect.
  • It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • I love the way you make me feel when I’m with you. I’m cherished, wanted, cared for. I feel important.
  • You’re the missing piece in my jigsaw puzzle.
  • Chivalry’s not dead. Thank you all for the help.
  • Believe it or not, I’m rarin’ to go to work tomorrow..
  • It’s work work work for me. 😉
  • Let’s go cosplay on October 2-3
  • Bonding time with a friend… Priceless. =)
  • Though flawed, I’m blessed to have someone who accepts me for who I am.
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