Random Ramblings #7

09 Aug
  • I’m getting interested in latté art..
  • I miss playing badminton with Papa.. Simply put, I miss him.
  • Someone who is smart or someone who makes sense?
  • My soul feeds on good vibes and positive aura.
  • My two cents’ worth – it’s either you bend or break.
  • Amazing Race 17 is coming.. Yay.. =D
  • I’m using grass/cedarwood as my room spray and the feeling is fresh and crisp.
  • coffee + good book + rest day = pure bliss
  • I ♥ the collab between Eminem & Rihanna in “Love the Way You Lie”
  • Music defies generations. It’s timeless. ♪ ♫
  • Chong Wan. Just got lucky during the Mooncake Festival dice game. ☺
  • Forever 21 is the shopping mecca. Got myself a tunic by the way.
  • Sentimental Basurera. I keep movie/concert tickets, receipts, gift tags, ribbons, etc…
  • Soliloquy: Then why not come and see the light.
  • One week vacay. Where am I off to? Hmm, I have to get some much needed rest.
  • Vacation = Pig-out. Enjoying a cup of Nissin Yakisoba (Spicy Chicken)…
  • Ber-months…
  • I am enthralled.
  • You have the power to render me in awe.
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