Random Ramblings #5

09 Aug
  • I just bought Chowking’s halo-halo radio. =p
  • Ghe reminded me with this: Be like water.. =)
  • …Is singing Oasis’ Don’t Look Back in Anger in karaoke.. Hehe.. =)
  • Lift up all your problems and worries to Him! 🙂
  • Ghe got the MVP award (um, this is not related with sports. hehe) …I’m just proud of his accomplishment. 🙂
  • TFF tonight. 🙂
  • Always surround yourself with happy, positive people 🙂
  • School’s going to start. I need to read three chapters a day.. READ..REad…read..zzzzzZZZZZ… Hehe.. =)
  • “Yes, she’s always a woman to me”.. I love you ma! =)
  • Dashboard Confessional on May 26-27 =)
  • We have different ways to interpret data, figures, songs, words, letters, motives…
  • Respect Life.
  • As the commercial goes: “It’s not what you have but what you do with what you have.” Enjoy life. =)
  • Maid Sama: “The next time I fall in love, I’ll make sure he’ll be someone who’ll pat me just like this.”
  • Addicted with Su Ju’s Bonamana and Sorry Sorry.. Hehe =)
  • Never decide things on impulse. Think a hundred times before doing anything drastic.
  • Muse sings Eclipse’s OST. =)
  • Usher’s “Caught Up” is an all-time fave… 🙂
  • I opened one Dove chocolate: “Indulge in moments that matter most”.. 😀
  • Be in touch with your mortality. You could lose everything in a snap of a finger…
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