Random Ramblings #1

09 Aug
  • 2009: Figuratively and literally, we braved the storms that had come our way. It was a whirlwind journey. As we look back, let us just take the wonderful moments with us. Cheers! Here’s to 2010. Happy New Year to all =D
  • I love Coca-Cola ads / commercials ;D
  • My favorite color is blue but recently it is leaning to blue-green / green hue.
  • The Killers (band) in Manila slated on January 31, 2010
  • I thought that my week would never end but it just passed by in a blur…
  • I would like to quote Pau Geronimo (one of the designers on Project Runway Season 2): “Fashion dictates the identity of the wearer, and the wearer inspires the imagination(s) of those who see them.”
  • Ironic. We have a lifetime to do the things we want to do but we only have this life to waste time on animosity / hatred. Think about it.
  • Going K-Pop. I love Korean films / series more (My Sassy Girl vs. American remake; BBF/BOF vs. Meteor Garden; Il Mare vs. Lake House)
  • Quote. I read this somewhere and I don’t know who to give credit to. “Painters paint pictures on canvas while musicians paint pictures on silence.”
  • Let us live by the Golden Rule.
  • I currently dig Green Science toys.
  • As the ‘Heads song Fruitcake would put it, “There are b-sides to every story.” Know the facts before making a story /judgment, giving an unsolicited opinion or coming up with a conclusion.
  • For every little thing we receive, let’s pay it forward.. 😉
  • It’s not about having a good life but making the most of it.
  • It’s not who is better but becoming a better person each day.
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