Quarter Life Retreat (23-Sep-2009)

09 Aug

You embrace the numbers.
Age, weight and everything that comes with the passing years.
You care less about how you look.
You focus more on what you can do, what and who you are.
When growing old means experiencing more of life.
Dream more. Be more.
Pursue anything.
Do what you like – fashion, business, sports, arts, music.
Vast options are available.
The possibilities are endless.
If today doesn’t turn out to be as expected,
tomorrow presents an opportunity.
It gives a reason to look forward to each day.
It’s never too late to accomplish as a lifetime awaits you.
Smile and if the other person does not smile back, it’s fine.
It’s not a revel of being unreal but it goes to show
the sincere person that you are. You share.
At least, you’ve given a piece of yourself to that someone.
Be hated for being you than be liked for someone you are not.
You aren’t bound to please others.
While it is true that you should compete with no one but yourself,
life is easier if you try not to outdo but to love the things that you do.
No comparisons.
You just have to put your mind, heart and soul into it.
What you do defines you.
But you challenge definitions. You go beyond labels —
rebel, snob, quiet, sober, prodigal…
In this life, there are lots of hits and misses.
You are human. Bolder. Wiser.
You take risks. You take full responsibility.
You find meaning.You let yourself be found.
You take hold of the things and people dear to you.
Then, you let go.
You simply let them be.

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