Mi Amigo, Mi Amiga (26-Jul-2009)

09 Aug


I used to think that friendship is built on the span of time you’ve been together. The best friend that you have could be the one whom you had lunch with when you were in kindergarten; the one whom you told secrets with when you were in middle school; or the one whom you shared aspirations with when you were in college.

I never thought that you would change that. Look at how little time could make so much of us. What we have is a relationship that does not tolerate the bad but invites positivity. It is the kind that does not criticize but yearns for the better. A group which opposes not but warrants support.

To mi amigos and mi amigas:
-who keep me sane, thank you
-who drive me nuts, life is happier with you
-who let me be me, I’m grateful for the acceptance
-whom I lost contact with, missin’ you is just half of the story,hope to see you soon

This calls for more ‘oke sessions, food trips, movie nights and mall get-togethers. And passe as it may seem, I’d rather have a few, real friends than a multitude of insincere, pretentious people.


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