A Collection of Haikus

09 Aug

Sanctuary (3-Sep-2008)

Dreaming of blue skies,

Fresh water and clear sunshine,

Hear as the earth cries…


Polaroid (11-Nov-2008)

Of still memories

That only the soul captures

A sight to behold


Fireworks (22-Dec-2008)

A thunderous sound

Bright lights that glitter the sky

Dancing in the night


You and I (25-Feb-2009)

Let us run away

From this harsh and jagged world

Just the two of us


Confrontations (7-Sep-2009)

I am so sorry

I just hate confrontations

A lot of regrets


Waiting (7-Sep-2009)

No goodbyes for us

That’s how I want it to be

I will be waiting


Half a Decade (13-Sep2009)

Half a decade now

To remain steadfast and true

This I promise you


Start / End (20-Sep-2009)

How far can we go?

Starting from where we have left

Without looking back.


Time (18-Jul-2010)

Have some quiet time

With no one else but myself

Introspecting life


Solving Equations (26-Sep-2010)

A lot has happened

It was just another phase

We had to go through


Define Love (26-Sep-2010)

How to define love?

A six-year relationship

Is worth fighting for


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